Affordable Boutique Service

Picture this:
A small cottage/shop just on the outskirts of town where things begin to be green again. It is quiet and you have a warm acquaintance with the owner. Sometimes you stop by just to have a cup of coffee and chat because you both have time. The owner doesn’t have the stock expected from a huge department store – but you know she can get whatever is lacking – and she will not pressure you to buy anything. She might even direct you to another store (think: Miracle on 34th Street).

Well, after a busy career as a freelance graphic designer, corporate art director, website designer/builder, etc., I have scaled down in order to do really nice unhurried design work for a few clients.

You get the picture – boutique style service. Focusing on the parts of my business that I enjoy with fewer clients who I enjoy is the answer to a wonderful dream for me.

I already have the best clients possible and I provide them with:

  1. Full website design, build and launch. Troubleshooting as needed.
  2. Branding – Visual identity (logos and print collaterals)
  3. Photoshop processing for do-it-yourself websites, and training
  4. Banners and parts for ads and social media pages (like Facebook)
  5. Electronic and print newsletters
  6. Book covers, interiors and illustration work
  7. more …

What I have not provided to my clients before is a way to make significant changes to their own websites. It is now possible to give them full control of their own sites if they want it. There are many options in the DIY world of web design and WordPress is one of them.

A little more . . .

Over the years my “ideal client” profile has changed. Presently I prefer to work with referrals. I have the best clients possible. Occasionally, I will work with a new client after an initial meet-up. My best work is in English – although my clients are responsible for all editing.

I work with:


  • start-up branding elements
  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • websites
  • signage
  • or to refresh or rebrand the company
  • or for additional collateral pieces in the same design that has been established.


Setting up on-line galleries of their work.


Tutoring and refining images as they create their own materials or websites.


  • websites
  • layouts for collateral materials
  • illustrations
  • newsletters [usually digital]
websites • blogs • galleries

Help them find you.