Why use WordPress?

Some 26% of ALL websites are WordPress.

WARNING! “5 minute set-up” and “Free” are words used in the ads for WordPress. In my experience, WordPress is not easy and quick to learn well. It is also very fluid. Changes to the core, themes and plug-ins are continual – so updates are required on a regular basis.

Although it has become more and more powerful because of the updates, it is not “free” to get exactly what you want, and it is not always cheap.

The majority of people who access the web (as of 2012) do so through mobile devices and tablets. WP sites are responsive. [That means it fits the screen it is on and remains readable.]

WordPress is responsive “out of the box”.

Site owners can control content after pages are built (create, proof and update content without help).

Plug-ins are regularly updated to keep up with changes in the web, especially security.

Thousands of tutorials and resources all over the internet contain solutions and training free after the website is launched.

Why hire help?

It’s all about time. It takes time to figure out how to set sites up and then make changes. Successful businesses focus on their product or service, not on learning how to make a website.

Besides setting up your website I can provide

  • Photoshop service to size, change or color correct images and
  • Vector image creation in Illustrator.

Owners sometimes “break” their sites and need troubleshooting and repair.

Keeping an eye on the site with a maintenance contract can avoid some of these problems, or find solutions for them in the case of a crash. (This service is only available for sites I have personally built.)

I can walk you through adding or changing blogs and even doing more on your site. 

How does this work?